2008 was a Huge Success!
What a success 2008 was,  Margaret Kelly, CEO of RE/MAX, was our esteemed speaker for the event inspiring 123 of us to donate $8,600, way to go ladies in Pink!
2009 was An Event to Remember
2009 was full of great memories,  with 145 in attendance we donated just over $8,600.  To top it off, we were blessed with a phenomenal lady, Gail Coors as our guest speaker.
2007 gave us a Great Start!
Our first year, what a triumph!  Our wonderful duo of speakers, Kim and Kerri Christiansen kicked us off to a rockin' start.  We were joined by 87 of our greatest friends and we raised over $6,240, great work!

Thank you for your generosity!! 

Looking forward for 2017!

We were so blessed, this year's event was better than ever.  We had over 160 ladies and gents in attendance and raised $11,250! Hollen Ferrendelli tugged at our heart strings and she shared her personal journey and the amazing research that is being done daily to find a cure!!

Our 2010 Speaker 
Hollen M. Ferrendelli
Our 2012 Speaker 
Nichole Davis
Cancer does not have to define who you are as a person. It helps make up who you are, but it is your heart that defines you. “Never let ANYTHING steal your joy!”
2010 Was Our Best Year Yet!!

2014 was such an emotional year, Cindy Bolin, a 16 year Breast Cancer Survivor, and Dr. Ginger Borges, an Associate Professor, clinician and researcher at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Campus Denver ROCKED US!!

With our live auctioneer and emotional speeches, we are part of the team to make the cure!!!

We were honored to let the Men join us, we hope to see more of you next year.  Congrats to the Karens for making this such a special event for us all!
2014 Rocked the House... 
We even let the Boys Join!

Our 2013 Speakers 
Julie Cumming and Max Kullberg
A Math Teacher from Littleton and postdoctoral fellow at the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado Denver help to show these doctors save lives everyday! 

 Thank you Julie for your powerful testimony!

Our 2014 Speakers 
Dr. Virginia Borges and Cindy Bolin
Inspire Hope... Inspire Strength... Inspire Personal Growth

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Our 2015 Speaker 
Kristin Schermer
Packed house of almost 200 and just shy of the $20,000 mark

Way to go Team!

Kristin is a great reminder for early and genetic testing!

Our 2011 Speaker 
Megan Walbridge Nelson
So emotional and beautiful a speaker, thank you Megan for your strength, you are an inspiration to us all!
Our 2016 Speaker 
Shelley Smith - An ESPN Sports Reporter
We HIT OUR GOAL!!! $25,000 Keep up the great work ladies!!!

Way to go Team!

Shelley - Thank you for your story, an inspiration for us all!

Our 2017 Speaker was 

Rosanna Lindeman
Rosanna Lindeman is a transplant of 34 years to Colorado. She and her husband Tom, of 17 years this December, have 3 children aged 14, 12 and 11. They are busy homeschoolers, involved in the community and Foothills Community Church. Outdoor activities, time with family/friends and volunteering are what fill most free moments. Prior to homeschooling, Rosanna taught for Jeffco Schools and Adams 12. ​

For more information please see her Blog